Frank W 'Pat' MurphyThe Murphy brand was born out of one man's search for simple, reliable engine protection. While Frank W. "Pat" Murphy was a sales manager for a major equipment distributor in the 1930's, he found that his customers' main complaint was "burned up" engines. They were equipped with poor quality, non-indicating safety switches which were difficult to test and often inoperative. Pat decided to develop a simpler yet more effective "Safety Switch".

Murphy Swichgage - an early version

Pat's idea, later renamed the SWICHGAGE®, was to combine an indicating gauge with an adjustable switch that would stop the engine when low oil pressure or high coolant temperature existed. It was a simple design, easy to understand – and it worked well. Operators loved the new design because they could see the operating gauge, adjust the trip point to their needs, and test the switch for operation. His invention was so well accepted, Pat decided to devote 100% of his time to manufacturing his "Murphy Safety Switch." Production began with Pat and his wife, Rosalie, building the instruments on their kitchen table in Mt. Carmel, Illinois, USA.

Our production facilities have come a long way. The Murphy facility in Tulsa USA is now headquarters for the expanded Enovation Controls group, with additional design, production and service facilities in the UK, China and India, and a worldwide network of approved distributors and dealers.

Click to enlarge - Murphy engine instruments and controls

The Murphy catalogue has hundreds of products for the monitoring, instrumentation and control of engine-driven applications: from off-road vehicles and stationary equipment in construction, mining and agricultural markets, through to recreational vehicles and marine applications.

Our display, instrument and control systems monitor engine 'vital signs' such as pressure, temperature, fluid level, speed and vibration. We cover it all, from simple gauges and fault switches to sophisticated display, automation and fault protection systems. Many products and systems carry major OEM and international standard approvals.

Constant improvements and new product developments give our customers the most advanced technology, including instruments for the latest J1939 CANbus engines, microprocessor controllers and remote monitoring/control via telecommunications and computer supervised systems.

The Murphy success story is based on our desire to provide excellence in design, manufacturing & customer service. We provide reliable and cost-effective products for our customers, and have been doing it since 1939. That’s more than 75 years of developing control solutions without limits.