FW Murphy Production Controls

Murphy's heritage in the oil and gas industry dates back to 1939. Around the world, Murphy control systems are preferred by compressor fabricators and users for their dependability.

Murphy gas compressor control components and systems are produced by FW Murphy Production Controls (FWMPC), which is now a separate company from Enovation Controls.

In Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, Enovation Controls Ltd. (UK) and our distributors in these areas will continue to supply and support most FWMPC component spares and engine end-devices.

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Available from Enovation Controls UK and Distributors

In Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia:

Natural gas compressor controllers Gas Compressor Controllers
Control modules, components and spares for natural gas compressors

Engine and scrubber fluid level maintainers and switches Gauges
Mechanical gauges and Swichgages for use in natural gas compressor panels

Engine and scrubber fluid level maintainers and switches Fluid level controls
Fluid maintainers and level switches for engines and gas scrubbers

Gas engine & compressor scrubber valves Valves
For control of engine fuel and scrubber liquids

Vibration & shock switches for gas compressors Vibration & Shock switches
For monitoring and protection of engines and driven equipment

Engine, compressor and process sensors Sensors
For monitoring engine and process temperature, pressure and speed

Available from FW Murphy Production Controls and Distributors (www.fwmurphy.com)

In Americas, China & Australasia

All components and end-devices listed left.


For complete control panels and systems, worldwide sales & support is available from FW Murphy Production Controls. Visit www.fwmurphy.com for further information, or click on the product links below:

FW Murphy Production Controls natural gas compressor panels Gas Compressor Control Panels
Full control panel solutions for natural gas compressors

FW Murphy Production Controls exhaust gas emission controllers Exhaust Emission Controls
EICS and AFR series gas engine exhaust emission control systems

Intellispark ignition control system Intellispark Ignition Controls
Controllers and equipment for spark ignition systems