Vibration, Time & Speed

Our vibration, time and speed sensing products provide top-quality instrumentation for engine monitoring, control and protection. This product range includes vibration/shock switches, timers, tachometers, hourmeters and speed sensors.

Vibration and shock switches:

20.SS ATEX shock switch 20.SS
Shock/vibration switches for ATEX hazardous areas

VS2 / VS2EX shock / vibration switches VS2™, VS2EX
Shock/vibration switches, CSA hazardous area options

VS94 vibration / shock switch VS94
Shock and vibration switch with NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure

Tachometers, hour counters & speed switches:

ATA, ATHA, ATS, ATHS tachometers and tachourmeters AT & ATH series
Analogue dial tachometers and tachometer/hourmeters

MT90 digital tachometer MT90
Digital tachometer

MTH6 ditital tachometer and hourmeter MTH6
Digital tachometer & hourmeter

SHD30 digital tachometer, hourmeter and speed trip SHD30, SHD30-45 (info from FW Murphy Production Controls at
Digital tachometer & hourmeter with adjustable overspeed trip point

TM series hours run meters TM series
2 inch (51mm) hourmeters

SS300 speed switch SS300
Single set point speed switch, SPDT relay output

OS77D speed switch OS77D
Single set point speed switch, transistor output

HD9063 speed switch HD9063
Dual set point speed switch, PC board configuration and relay outputs

3ST speed switch 3ST
3 set-point speed switch, relay outputs

Magnetic pickup speed sensorsMP series
Magnetic pickup engine mounted speed sensors

Time switches:

5T, 15T, 12T, 24T mechanical time switches 5T, 15T, 12T, 24T (info from FW Murphy Production Controls at
Time switches

See also:

J1939 PowerView gaugesCANbus J1939 tachometers/gauges
PowerView tachometers and gauges for use with J1939 compatible engines and systems

MeCAN speed signal to J1939 converterMeCAN™
Magnetic pickup speed signal (and resistive sender) to CAN J1939 converter